Can you buy car insurance on a daily basis? The answer is almost, but not quite. There is no daily insurance policy that we know of that you can run for as long as you wish and then cancel when you have finished with it. However it is certainly possible to buy short term cover, as hundreds of thousands of UK motorists have already done, and you can get a policy that lasts for as little as a day and as long as 28 days but you need to decide just how long you want the policy to last for at the outset. It is of course possible to apply for another policy straight after your previous one expires but insurers may insist on a minimum gap between them so it is far better if you can calculate just how long you need cover for at the outset. It would not matter whether the car belonged to you or not provided that it was roadworthy, taxed, and had a current MOT certificate and that you have the owner's permission to drive it if it was owned by someone else. In this case however you would have had to have borrowed it; you cannot use this for a hired car so no money should change hands and you certainly could not borrow one from a car rental company.

Buying a policy online is extremely easy and the formalities, in most cases, are kept to a minimum. There is a short form to fill in, and then if you meet the required criteria you are given a quotation. The majority of motorists in Britain will have no problem meeting these criteria but there are certain postcodes in Britain where claims are high for one reason or another and some motorist may find it difficult to get cover if they live within these areas; and there is a fixed list of cars which can be accepted and although this list covers the majority of modern vehicles on our roads there are a few less popular cars which have not been included and they cannot be covered. Similarly the insurance companies will not accept vehicles which have been modified or drivers who have more than a certain number of penalty points on their licences. It is not possible of course to be specific about what will or will not be acceptable to insurance companies because they all have their own formulas for working this out and they keep them strictly secret.

Once you have a quote and assuming you find it acceptable you can pay for your policy by credit card and you can either pick a time and date in the future for the cover to commence or you could specify that it should start immediately. You can then download all the documentation you will need including the all-important insurance certificate and it would be a good idea if you printed these out and carried them with you in the car. The reason for this is that every car insurance policy which is issued within the UK is recorded on what is called The Motor Insurers Database. The police have access to this and they use it thousands of times a day to check on whether or not particular cars are insured but there is a snag; it sometimes takes several days for details of a particular policy to appear in the database, and with short term car insurance a policy could easily have expired before details of it became available. It is therefore not unknown for people who have taken out car insurance of any sort, and not just short-term cover, recently, to find themselves having to try to convince cynical police officers that, despite the fact they have no documents and there is no record of their policy on the database, they are in fact covered. This is a problem that more and more motorists are facing as the number of hidden cameras which read numberplates and automatically compare registration details to the database increase in numbers and effectiveness.

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